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Dive into the story of Firelight Marketing—a journey from dental care to illuminating businesses. Passionate about supporting local ventures, we blend expertise and heart to redefine your brand’s narrative.

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We Bring Expertise, Passion, and a Commitment to Elevate Your Brand

My journey from a dental assistant with a 22-year career to the founder and CEO of Firelight Marketing has been unexpectedly rewarding. As a native Oregonian and outdoor enthusiast, I’ve translated my passion for helping people to support diverse local businesses, fostering growth, and contributing to our community’s vitality. As a native Oregonian and outdoor enthusiast, I cherish the natural wonders of my state. Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between thriving local businesses and our community’s well-being, I founded Firelight Marketing. Beyond nationwide dental exposure, my mission extends to supporting diverse local enterprises—fishing guides, wineries, roofers, and more.

As an entrepreneur, I understand the challenges and Firelight Marketing is my commitment to alleviating them. By enhancing online and offline visibility, I aim to not only attract new clients but also foster growth, job creation, and a robust local economy. Whether through SEO, PPC, or innovative advertising, my goal is to build a vibrant community that honors and sustains the essence of Oregon, where local businesses are the backbone of our identity.

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Our Values

At Firelight Marketing, integrity guides our actions, creativity fuels our strategies, and client success is our ultimate goal. Discover a partnership built on trust, innovation, and your business triumphs.


We uphold honesty and transparency in every interaction, fostering trust and long-lasting relationships. Your business deserves integrity, and so do you.


In a world of constant change, creativity sets us apart. We craft innovative strategies that ignite your brand and captivate your audience. Unleash the power of creative marketing.

Client Success

Your success is our measure of achievement. We are dedicated to understanding your goals, delivering results, and celebrating milestones together. Your triumph is our ultimate satisfaction.

What We Do Best



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